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Wrapping Your Arms Around ESG

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Once on the fringes of investing, ESG is now center stage throughout asset management. One indication is the explosion of ESG oriented funds available to retail and institutional investors. Another is the rapidly growing number of corporations and other organizations pledging stronger alignment with environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance practices.

Why has ESG become so relevant? Sustainability has become a focus in a variety of sectors as corporations along with government enact policies and strategies to support it. As a result, it has been applied in almost every investment portfolio nowadays. Find out how you can leverage ESG data with the support of Cabot technology.

This essay first presents Cabot’s Reveal Plus technology and how you can investigate your portfolio using the ESG Model and scrutinize data starting at a portfolio level. Then, it shows how you can take metrics and conduct sector analysis by looking at the components that make up a company’s ESG score.

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