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On-Demand Webcast:
Customers, Employees, and Communities - Unpacking Social Capital in ESG Investing

ESG Integration Webinar Series

Episode 3

Climate change mitigation and business ethics concerns routinely make headlines in the financial press, but social capital concerns can be just as financially material and important to a company’s management of ESG issues.

In the first episode of the ESG Integration Webinar Series, we explored how investors can measure the intangible. In episode two we unpacked natural capital valuation. Building on the theme of integrating externalities into valuation, join Truvalue Labs and SASB as they explore the following topics:

  • How issues like customer welfare, community relations, and product safety become financially material
  • How to assess valuation through a social capital lens
  • Social capital considerations in the context of industry-specific materiality concerns

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Andre Shepley

Product Manager, ESG Integration

Truvalue Labs, A FactSet Company


Taylor Reed

Sector Lead Analyst – Consumer Goods