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On-Demand Webcast | Data Governance and Distribution: A Volume Game


From asset data, company data, ESG data, alternative datasets and more, a data-intensive approach has become the new normal as practitioners recognize the impact that more insight can have. But data overload can become a pain point when workflows around data governance and distribution are not secure. In this 30-minute webcast, hear our experts’ views on the challenges around data-(overload), cost and investment tradeoffs, solutions deployed to meet firm needs, and the value-add from a robust governance and distribution framework.

Data Gov + Dist


  • Pat Reilly, CFA, Director of Analytics - Americas, FactSet
  • Wei Cai, CFA, CIPM, Director, PMAR & Institutional Analytics, CI Investments
  • Alexander Kuzmin, AD, Security Master & Pricing/Data Management, CI Investments

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