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On-Demand Webcast:
Natural Capital Valuation - How Mother Nature Fits into the ESG Integration Picture

ESG Integration Webinar Series

Episode 2

Resources like air, water, and land are so central to our existence that it’s easy to overlook their importance in the financial context. But as sustainability concerns mount globally, investors must price natural capital factors into valuations in order to capture the full picture of a company’s growth potential and risk exposure. 

In the first episode of the ESG Integration Webinar Series, we explored how investors can measure the intangible. Building on the theme of integrating externalities into valuation, join Truvalue Labs and SASB as they explore the following topics:

  • What valuation of natural capital and ecosystem services looks like
  • How to assess and monitor heavily-exposed companies with highly-dependent business models
  • Natural capital considerations in the context of industry-specific materiality

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Andre Shepley

Product Manager, ESG Integration

Truvalue Labs, A FactSet Company


Ekaterina Hardin

Sector Lead Analyst – Extractives & Minerals Processing