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On-Demand Webcast:
Did Your ESG Data Pass the Wirecard Test?

Many in the investment world were blindsided by the news of Wirecard AG, as most widely-used ESG and risk data providers gave the company a median rating. 

Meanwhile, years before the arrest of the company's former CEO and insolvency filing, Truvalue Labs' ESG scores plummeted for Wirecard to reveal critical issues behind the scenes.

In this recorded webinar, Thomas Kuh, PhD and Eliot Caroom walk through the case of Wirecard AG to illustrate how to avoid surprises and better manage downside and reputational risks in your portfolio:

  • Wirecard AG use case: Uncover early warning signals using SASB's framework
  • Dynamic Materiality: Understand emerging issues as they happen to create an information advantage
  • ESG Research in the Information Age: Leverage new technology to uncover risks and opportunities

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Thomas Kuh, PhD

Head of Index

Truvalue Labs, A FactSet Company


Eliot Caroom

Product Manager

Truvalue Labs, A FactSet Company