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On-Demand Webcast:
Value is Dead - Long Live Value: Value Investing in the Post-Pandemic Markets

Will markets embrace the disruption and new opportunities that have arisen during the global pandemic? Is value dead and valuation irrelevant?

Watch the 40 minute webinar where Dr. Francesco Curto, Global Head of Research at DWS and author of Valuing and Investing in Equities, will discuss:

  • Is "passive value investing” an oxymoron? The common approaches generally fail to provide exposure to genuine value stocks

  • Why using valuation ratios based on reported accounts fail investors

  • The performance of Accounting and Economic Value and their current valuation

  • Value investing and behavioral analysis, and how to read consensus in the times of crises

The webinar concludes with a fireside chat, where independent financial expert Markus Barth moderates a discussion between Dr. Curto and Ed Jonker, Senior Director of Content at FactSet, on valuing investments, behavioral analysis, and the performance of value-driven investment strategies over the past decade.


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