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Determine if the debt structure of U.S. corporate borrowing is putting the large-cap market at risk

Stimulated by low borrowing costs, U.S. companies continue to accumulate more debt. Analyzing the debt structure of the overall market reveals that while the majority of the market remains healthy for now, cracks may be appearing in the energy sector.

In the white paper, Debtors’ Prison? The Structure of U.S. Corporate Borrowing, Empirical Research Partners uses a new debt capital structure database to aggregate all of the debt instruments issued by large-cap U.S. companies, including bank loans, revolving credit facilities, bonds issued, etc. to visualize the topology of the market’s current debt load.

This research report reveals that the changing debt structure for companies in the core of the market isn’t particularly concerning. However, the energy sector is another story. More debt is maturing in the next two years in that sector than any other, and a total of about $232 billion expires by 2020.

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Please note: this white paper is intended for a buy-side audience only.

Patrick Biddiscombe, CEO


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