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The Rise of Thematic Investing

Request our free on-demand presentation about the rising trend of thematic investing, featuring Proshares.

On-Demand Webcast:
The Rise of Thematic Investing

Insights into the creation, importance, and opportunity of thematic indices.

Passive investing through transparent, rule-based indices has gone mainstream via ETFs - providing exposure to broad markets, sectors, and investment factors - while thematic index creation remains a challenge but opens up a world of opportunity. The trend of thematic investing is now on the rise, so what does this mean for investors?

Watch our 30-minute recorded presentation featuring Simeon Hyman, Proshares Global Investment Strategist, and hosted by Jeremy Zhou, FactSet's Global Head of Indexing, where you will learn:

  • What is a thematic index and how is it different from other sector or industry indices
  • How to build thematic indices and how the process has evolved
  • How investors should evaluate the quality of a thematic index
  • Insight into why Proshares entered the thematic indexing space, and their general approach to deciding which themes to pursue


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