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Get the wealth manager's guide to navigating clients through the new era of volatility

The Resilience Agenda The Wealth Managers Guide to the New Era of VolatilityIn 2017, FactSet and Scorpio Partnership surveyed more than 1,100 HNW and UHNW individuals globally to determine whether the existing frameworks for understanding and measuring risk in the advisory relationship are sufficient.

Our research shows that market volatility, a lack of process capacity of wealth managers, and a lack of understanding of risk processes and investment knowledge by investors pose serious challenges to wealth managers and HNWIs alike. However, they also present a major opportunity for advisors and clients to tackle these challenges together and develop more collaborative relationships.

Here's what our research revealed about today's HNWIs:

  • 60% of wealthy investors believe that unforeseen market events are a major threat to their wealth creation strategy
  • 25% of baby boomers could not identify what makes a portfolio inherently risky while more than 33% of millennial HNWIs do not understand the meaning of volatility
  • Only 44% of HNWIs are confident they understand the reasons for their risk profile or the influence it could have on their portfolio
  • The world's wealthiest investors (those whose wealth exceeds $20 million) conduct nearly half their interactions with wealth management firms online

To see the complete survey results and start building stronger relationships with wealthy investors, complete the form to download the full research in our eBook: The Resilience Agenda: The Wealth Manager’s Guide to the New Era of Volatility.

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