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FactSet and Scorpio Partnership surveyed more than 1,000 investors globally, with an average net worth of $6.2 million, to determine their top 10 expectations of wealth managers. Our research captures HNW and UHNW perspectives on their wealth advisors, the role of technology in creating a client experience, the definition of good culture and how it impacts their opinion of their wealth manager, and much more.

Here's some of what our research revealed about the demands of HNWI:HNWI ebook cover-v3.png

  • 86% of HNWIs believe regulators should prioritize implementing minimum standards of quality on investment technologies
  • 30% of HNWI under age 35 expect their wealth manager to be evaluating their risk profiles on a weekly basis, while 16% expect daily reviews
  • 82% of HNWI demand a clear line of sight into the business performance and internal activities of their wealth management firm
  • 70% of millennial HNWI expect their wealth managers to screen on investments based on environmental, social, and governance factors

To see the complete survey results and what they means for how you can better appeal to wealthy investors, download the full research in our eBook: The Culture Challenge: HNWIs' Vision for the Wealth Management Industry in the Information Age.

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  • 10 Calls to Action for the Wealth Industry
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