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Your guide to building the performance teams, technology, and workflows of tomorrow

The_Performance_Function_Reshaped_eBookPerformance measurement is at a critical juncture, changing how teams are aligned, workflows are managed, and technology is leveraged. As a Head of Performance, how can you adapt now to provide more in-depth analysis, faster answers, and regulatory compliant data?

FactSet partnered with Coleman Parkes to survey Heads of Performance across the U.S., Europe, and Asia about the future of the performance function. Our research examines how performance measurement is changing, how team structures shift, how departments align, how the workflow automation and the right technology becomes crucial and how Heads of Performance see their function thrive in the future.


Our research uncovered the key challenges for building the teams, workflow, and systems of the future:

  • More than 80% of performance teams are operating independently of risk or reporting teams. While Heads of Performance are split on whether to integrate with risk, reporting, or both, integration with at least one is the best chance to reduce costs and deliver better information to the front office.
  • Two-thirds of Heads of Performance worry that the data they provide isn’t compliant with regulatory obligations, and 80% believe data quality falls to the performance team.
  • Internally developed, spreadsheet-based systems are still the most commonly used solutions for official and indicative performance. To keep up with the increasing complexity of front-office needs, asset managers will need to look to hosted and off-premise solutions to solve integration, compliance, and maintenance challenges.


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