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On-Demand Webcast:
Tracking Country Risk
Due to COVID-19

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As global companies adjust their product offerings to adapt to new business guidelines in light of COVID-19, FactSet can provide the predictive edge in:

  • Identifying geographical revenue exposure on the regional/country level
  • Uncovering changes or disruptions within supply chain networks
  • Creating thematic portfolios likely to outperform

In this 15-minute webcast, we build on our previous work aimed at quantifying companies’ direct and indirect revenue exposure to various COVID-impacted Revere Business Industry Classification System (RBICS) sector baskets, this time calculating a country risk factor linking each company’s unique geographic revenue exposures to the changing lockdown stringencies in each country.

Roughly one year out, the original positive thematic portfolios have continued to outperform the market, while the negatively-impacted ‘Social Distancing’ portfolio has lagged. Using FactSet Geographic Revenue Exposure (GeoRev) data in combination with an Oxford-created COVID-19: Government Stringency Index, we calculate the 'GeoRev-Weighted Country Stringency Factor' to systematically identify potential outperformers within the hard-hit 'Social Distancing' universe (i.e. companies that stand to benefit most from easing lockdown restrictions within their key geographic segments).

Download the webcast to learn more.




Ali Hedayat

Principal Product Manager



Ali Hedayat

Principal Product Manager | FactSet

Mr. Ali Hedayat is a Principal Product Manager on FactSet’s Data and Solutions Strategy team. Prior to joining FactSet, he held positions as a metals trader and bond trader in London. Mr. Hedayat joined FactSet in 2007, and has since specialized in a number of complex client-workflows, including fixed income and quantitative portfolio management. In his current role, he is a subject matter expert on several of FactSet's proprietary datasets including Revere Business Industry Classification System (RBICS), Supply Chain Relationships, and Geographic Revenue Exposure.