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On-Demand Webcast: The Evolution of the General Account

Learn how current market conditions are shaping insurers' considerations in this on-demand webcast with FactSet and Insurance Asset Risk.

The Evolution of the General Account

Watch our on-demand webcast to learn about the current market conditions for the insurance industry.

With markets and the economy in turmoil and liquidity at a premium, how might the allocation practices of an insurer's general accounts evolve? Has the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic fallout exacerbated the challenges insurers were facing due to a low-yield environment?

Watch our on-demand webcast hosted by Insurance Asset Risk and FactSet to learn what insurers should be considering in the current market volatility and how COVID-19 might create a new normal for strategic asset allocation.

During this presentation, we discuss:

  • How the current crisis has affected insurers' thinking around returns, risk, and associated capital charges
  • Whether the market turbulence has changed approaches to illiquidity and how much insurers are willing to take in their portfolios
  • What the considerations for new products and investment opportunities will be going forward

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