SEE THE POTENTIAL IMPACT MiFID II has on investment research worldwide

During this 45-minute presentation, Fran Reed, FactSet’s Global Regulatory Strategist, is joined by industry experts from Goldman Sachs to discuss the potential impact MiFID II has on investment research worldwide. 

Watch The Challenges of Research Unbundling Under MiFID II webcast to learn:

  • Buy-side vs. Sell-side Implications: The different challenges facing the buy-side vs. sell-side and how each industry should respond
  • Global vs. Regional Standards: The universal global standard compared to regional standards and how U.S. firms are preparing
  • Role of the Research Aggregator: The need for a central research management system, as well as the responsibilities of a commission management aggregator under the new regulation
  • Valuing Research: The changes in research consumption and cost structure, especially comparing equity vs. fixed income


Patrick Biddiscombe, CEO

Watch the MiFID II Webcast 

View the MiFID II Webcast