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Learn how to de-risk your portfolios and solidify your risk position. Watch the interactive panel discussion focused on the impact of liability driven investing.

With the recent bout of volatility, it is easy to forget that many asset owners have goals that supersede maximizing total return. Liability driven investing, or LDI, is a fast growing strategy that seeks to align assets and liabilities across defined benefit plans.

During this webcast,  our panel identifies trends in the LDI space, discusses incentives for plans and asset managers to ramp up their pursuit of LDI, and dives into risk strategies and considerations.  

This interactive webcast allows you to select across the chapters below to view the information most pertinent to you.

The LDI webcast covers the following topics:

  • What is LDI and where lies the opportunities?
  • Incentives available for plans to pursue LDI
  • Discount rates in LDI
  • Corporate tax deductions and their impact
  • LDI investment trends
  • Impacts and trends on risk budgeting
  • Asset classes and LDI strategies
  • Considerations for analytics in LDI

Moderated by: 

Pat Reilly newPat Reilly
Regional Director, Analytics Sales, FactSet





Max GuimondMax Guimond
Solutions Designer, Insight Investment




Anthony Parish PhotoAnthony Parish
Director of Quantitative Strategies, Sage Advisory Services



James So newJames So
Product Specialist, Western Asset Management Company



Watch the LDI Webcast

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