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Discover why the front office needs to adopt advanced technologies in our eBook

Automating_Front_OfficeIn 2017, TABB Group interviewed 150 U.S. buy-side firms, including head traders, portfolio managers, analysts, and technologists, about their trade decision-making and execution processes.

In this research report, we explore why the front office is undergoing a technological transformation and what your firm needs to do to  remain competitive.  Whether motivated by the shift to lower-fee passive investment strategies or regulators’ demands to consolidate reporting, the adoption of advanced, integrated technologies promises to help the front office provide efficiencies, reduce costs, and gain insights from connected data.

Here's what we found:

  • Over 25% of buy-side head traders ranked technology as a top priority for the year. Of those, 41% were looking to either upgrade or install a new order management system
  • Almost 66% are either working toward achieving end-to-end systems and data workflow integration across the front office, or have achieved it already
  • 82% of buy-side firms have not integrated big data analytics
  • Only 7% currently use cognitive technologies such as machine learning for any of their trade processes

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