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Four Excel Power Hacks for Private Fund Managers

Preserve Data Quality by integrating Excel with portfolio monitoring tech

Most every private equity and venture capital firm has an Excel Wizard that can manipulate data about cash flows and portfolio company performance. The Excel Wizards are indispensable, but the complex systems they set up do create problems around data quality, accuracy, and version control. 

An alternative (but not a replacement) to tracking investments through spreadsheets is to use portfolio monitoring software. Using a simple Excel plug-in, your firm can move data easily and automatically between the software and any spreadsheet to enable: 

  1. Faster data collection
  2. Answering GP/LP questions
  3. Customized reporting
  4. Portfolio analytics

Download this white paper, Four Excel Power Hacks for Private Fund Managers, to learn more about the four ways Cobalt’s portfolio monitoring software can multiply the power of your spreadsheets.  


Download the white paper