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see the fixed income attribution model that allows for greater flexibility

flexible benchmark for FI portfolios_ipadGiven the various requirements of internal and external users of attribution, a “one size fits all” fixed income attribution model with an inflexible set of attribution factors is likely to fall short of satisfying every consumer. FactSet’s model overcomes this challenge by allowing for a high degree of user‐defined flexibility that can be leveraged to tailor an attribution analysis to a specific purpose or audience.

This white paper explores how a customizable attribution model with factor flexibility built from a common framework can prepare investors to better explain their approach to all internal and external consumers of attribution.

Download this whitepaper and learn:

  • Why a “one size fits all” model is not appropriate for consumers of fixed income attribution
  • How a flexible model can overcome this challenge with a high degree of user‐defined citeria that can be leveraged for a specific purpose and audience
  • The factors to consider when running a fixed income attribution 
Patrick Biddiscombe, CEO


Download the Fixed Income Attribution White Paper