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Learn how Municipal GO curves provide valuation and risk management insights

muni go curves white paper ipad

Municipal General Obligation (GO) State Curves via Charting and Market Rate Services reflect municipal market movement and provide insight to investment professionals for valuation and risk management.

Municipal GO State Curves are constructed with general obligation bonds, using yield to worst of non-callable bonds up to 10 years and callable bonds after 10 years. The term structure represents yields of 5% coupon bonds, calculated from end-of-day mid prices.

For country level, GO curves are constructed for AAA, AA, A, BBB, and BB grades. For state level, curves are constructed according to the availability of qualified target bonds. Overall a total of 150+ curves are constructed every day.

Download the FactSet Municipal GO Curves white paper for a detailed review of FactSet's offering and methodology.

Download the White Paper