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Streamlining Factor Investing With FactSet's Quant Factor Library

With factor investing having become more commonplace in asset management, join Marcus Burley, FactSet's AVP, Senior Analytics Specialist, as he explores how you can detect investment themes across global equity markets, incorporate ideas into your portfolio construction process, and transform raw data into actionable intelligence with FactSet's Quant Factor Library.

During the webcast, you'll get a sneak peek at FactSet QFL and how it allows you to identify, build, and test new investment ideas with over 2,300 factors spanning classification factors and reference data, core fundamental factors, market factors, alternative factors, and macro and cross-asset factors.

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Marcus Burley

AVP, Senior Analytics Specialist



Marcus Burley

AVP, Senior Analytics Specialist | FactSet

Mr. Marcus Burley is AVP, Senior Analytics Specialist, at FactSet. In this role, he is responsible for supporting sales of FactSet’s portfolio analytics solutions across Australia and New Zealand. He joined FactSet in 2014 and since 2018, has led FactSet’s quantitative solutions in the region. Mr. Burley earned his M.Ec in Financial Econometrics from Sydney University after completing a B.S. in Finance and B.S. in Economics from the University of New South Wales.