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download our white paper: The evolution of the multi-asset class trading desk

Learn more about the rise of multi-asset class trading, and developments of high- and low-touch trading desks in our exclusive white paper.

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FactSet commissioned John Greenan, CEO of Alignment Systems, to document the transformation of the buy-side trading desk with an eye on understanding where the industry is heading. Review the history and explore the future of electronic trading, including discussions regarding:

  • How the widespread use of FIX propelled the industry forward, setting the stage for the development and adoption of the OMS and EMS
  • The industry's move from asset class silos to desks specializing in high- and low-touch trading and sourcing liquidity
  • How increased usage of cognitive computing, including machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence, drive the need for retention and on-demand access to large quantities of data and analytics
  • The evolution of electronic trading workflows, and the future of OMS and EMS

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