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Challenger banks and robo-advisors have altered the relationship management model by offering online-only services at scale. Their use of visualization techniques have shown to add value and build trust, changing the expectations of high net worth investors. This extends to include even those in the discretionary segment, causing disruption across the industry. A key to remaining competitive lies in ability of wealth management firms to harness the power of design. That is - making portfolio performance, investment, and market insight available on demand, and turning that insight into intelligence.

In this second chapter of FactSet's Digital Wealth Management series, discover what your high net worth investors demand from their engagement with their financial advisor. Over the last three years, our research has shown that even traditional wealth firms that rely heavily on the personal relationship as a source of differentiation must consider how to support their trusted advisor status with an online and intuitive interface as expectations shift.

Download Part 2: Disrupting Advisory through Design, to find out the key tactics financial advisors can implement to win with high net worth investors.

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