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As a provider of technology solutions to the global financial industry, FactSet knows the pressure financial advisors are under when it comes to evolving with "the digital transformation". Despite the human element of the wealth management relationship being paramount in growing clients' wealth, the demand from investors for an online connection is clear. Understanding the opportunities that digital technology presents will mean the difference between success or failure, as wealth firms enter into what we have termed the "era of hybrid advice". 

To get a better understanding of the changes that digital technology is affecting in the advisor-client relationship and firm productivity, FactSet embarked on a new industry research project. For the third consecutive year, FactSet together with Scorpio Partnership, has delved into the high net worth investor (HNWI) community to learn their vision for the wealth management industry, and help our own clients navigate some of their biggest challenges. This year, our goal was to establish the digital preferences of wealthy investors when it comes to growing their assets.

We are therefore, excited to release our three-part series, Digital Wealth Management: Winning Clients in the Hybrid Advice Era, where we outline over a dozen tactics that can help wealth managers implement and maintain a digital strategy that delivers value and engages HNWIs, from the mass affluent to ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs).

To help key decision makers in this digitilization process enhance their own strategy, we went further this year by adopting a multi-pronged approach to shed light on this important topic from different angles. We are excited to include the learnings of influential and successful disruptors from across industries, and incorporate advice from those professionals on the advisory side of the relationship, to further illuminate opportunities that exist to day. 


Each part of the series focuses on a key theme we have identified as influencing the decisions of wealth firms today around digital technology: optimization, visualization and personalization. Our findings suggest that optimized technology, improved data visualization, and highly personalized content can empower firms to supply clients across the wealth scale with the tools and insights needed for a better digital experience, while boosting both firm and advisor efficiency.

Over the next few months enjoy our new eBooks as we release each piece successively, packed with their own unique insights. Click on the topics below to find out more and download the research:



    It is often assumed that openness to technology is something for millennials, and that the mature, often ultra-wealthy, investor is happy to leave the growing of their wealth in the hands of their advisor with once-a-year updates. Our research suggests that across the wealth scale and age groups, there are preferences towards digital, that if recognized, can mean the difference between evolving or dissolving for the wealth firm. Dispute common assumptions in the industry about investor use of technology for managing their wealth. Learn how to make digital pay by understanding investors from the perspective of their digital preferences, and by seeing the operational benefits that can improve efficiency, competitiveness, and share of wallet.

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    Challenger banks and robo-advisors have altered the relationship management model by offering online-only services at scale. Their use of visualization techniques have shown to add value and build trust, changing the expectations of high net worth investors. This extends to include even those in the discretionary segment, causing disruption across the industry. A key to remaining competitive lies in harnessing the power of design - making portfolio performance, investment, and market insight available on demand, and turning that insight into intelligence.

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    Today, we live in a world where sharing personal details online is the norm in order to get services and information that is relevant to us. Our research shows that high net worth investors are more aligned to this behavior when it comes to managing their wealth than the industry believes. By embracing personalization in the wealth proposition, financial advisors can become more attractive to investors, while gaining more information to better grow their clients’ wealth.

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