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Detecting Statistical ESG Anomalies

Download our Research Brief on detecting key salient ESG events in near real time – May 28, 2021


One of the challenges in ESG analysis is determining the level of significance of an ESG event and how material it is to a company. To help answer this question, FactSet launched the Truvalue Labs SASB Spotlight Events Data Service

A Spotlight Event is declared when FactSet’s proprietary algorithm detects exceptional information flow about a company relative to the typical flow. The algorithm is designed to automatically detect key salient ESG events in near real time. The data sources include media coverage, regulatory or NGO reports, and commentary from trade unions and other stakeholders.

Complete the form to download your copy of our research brief on identifying the most statistically significant Truvalue Labs Spotlight Events™ across a portfolio, and discover a systematic way to surface the most important ESG events for both fundamental and quantitative use cases. 

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