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Strategies to answer the shift to passive management

Competitive-Strategies-Active-ManagersIn 2017, FactSet and Greenwich Associates interviewed portfolio managers, chief investment officers, and analysts at asset management companies across the United States, Europe, and Asia regarding the current challenges facing the industry and competitive strategies for client retention and fund performance.

In this research report, we explore the techniques and data winning portfolio managers are using to improve performance, the key traits of successful portfolio managers, and how asset managers can diversify their product suites to attract new assets.


Here’s what we uncovered:

  • Only 28% of asset managers are currently using the alternative data that can help them improve risk/return profiles
  • Economic uncertainty can create opportunity for active managers poised to identify mispriced securities and emerging economic trends
  • Creative managers that introduce new products tied to themes such as active or factor ETFs or targeted to new demographics can effectively combat fee pressure
  • Developing customized investment products tailored to clients’ specific requirements can win clients over for the long term

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