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Discover How To Maximize Your Technology INvestments To Better Service Clients


A year ago, investment managers were discussing their current needs in portfolio reporting software and services. Today they ask, “What will I need tomorrow that I might not be aware of now?” The emphasis has moved from present to future tense, marking a notable shift in the reporting landscape.

Client reporting will need to evolve as the environment in which it operates changes, but is “client reporting” the right term for the future? As the demands of asset managers shift from lower value data delivery to a higher value, wider client experience in which reporting forms just an element, the terms that the function uses to describe itself will also need to evolve.


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for the Future
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  1. The client, functional, technological, and regulatory impacts on the future of portfolio reporting
  2. How to protect your investment in reporting technology
  3. How client reporting teams can better reach their potential
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- Patrick Biddiscombe, CEO

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