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Building Intuition

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There you are stuck on a thorny problem whose solution has been elusive and then it happens: An idea pops into your mind that offers tremendous promise. It’s not clear how it came about or which of your thoughts made the critical connection that caused the answer to materialize. That is how intuitions work, often heralded by a subtle feeling alerting you to the fact that something important may be happening – one of those magical “aha” moments.

Intuitions are essential to investing, guiding the choices you make about which new asset to buy, which to add to or trim, and when to sell. Taking the steps needed to make a learning environment kinder and more supportive of successful intuitions can help you avoid poor performance.

This essay looks at intuition, how it is formed, how it is used, and how to better incorporate it into your investment process. It highlights thoughts about intuition from psychologist and emeritus professor, Robin Hogarth and how it relates to performance. Lastly, it explains the importance of intuition when applying it to portfolio management.

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