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Advisor Dashboard

Improve advisor productivity and drive client engagement to manage and grow relationships at scale.

FactSet's Advisor Dashboard

Advisor Dashboard combines each Advisor's book of business with FactSet's differentiated content and analytics, surfacing personalized and actionable portfolio insights and driving advisor productivity and efficiency while accelerating client engagement. Advisor Dashboard aggregates the most relevant portfolio intelligence, including risk, performance, Geographic Revenue exposures, ESG insights, and breaches of your clients' target asset allocation exposures.

Additionally, Advisors gain seamless access to relevant and impactful portfolio news, research, key events, AI-powered signals, and associated client exposures, connecting key developments with the relevant clients and households. 

Best of all, Advisor Dashboard is available wherever Advisors need it most, including the FactSet Workstation, their CRM, or as a stand-alone web component or API for integration into internal web portals and dashboards.

Advisor Dashboard allows you to:

  • Organize and analyze their book of business by client, household, discretionary or tax status, investment strategy, account type, and more
  • Be informed of a client's asset allocation breaches relative to their target exposure objectives per their IPS
  • Monitor portfolio performance, risk, geographic revenue exposures and ESG insights
  • Stay informed and connected with prioritized and contextualized news, research, signals, and events along with associated client exposures
  • Benefit from direct integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and other CRM platforms to access curated portfolio insights where and when they need them

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